RBX 2 MIXER - Dispenser


Economical solution

A great solution wherever high throughput and complex material processing is not required. Despite its small size, it offers excellent dispensing precision and enables many useful functionalities.

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Basic parameters

Mixture dispensing capacity From 1 mL/min. to 1000mL/min.
Components from 1 to 2 components
Dispensing possibility to dispense all ingredients at the same time with programmed ratio
Reservoirs from 1 to 2 reservoirs
Tank capacity 10 L / 20 L / 40 L
Device dimensions (L x W x H) 850 x 700 x 1200 mm
Weight 80 kg
Dispensing resolution 1%
Mixer cleaning function Yes
Dispensing modes Continuous or programmed doses
Programmable parameters ratio, dose volume, dispensing speed and other useful parameters
Communication ModbusTCP - parameter control and process data reading

Possible additional functionalities

  • dispensing head with dynamic mixing
  • freestanding external mixing module for standard commercial reservoirs, e.g. hobok 20…60L
  • change of dispensing parameters with a barcode reader
RBX 2 MIXER - Dispenser

Can be integrated with robot for full automation

Dispensing Automation

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RBX 2 MIXER - Dispenser

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