RBX 4 MIXER - High performance dispensing


High performance

– The perfect device when you need high capacity – up to 20 L/min. Built on a solid, rigid prefabricated aluminum frame, so that the structure is resistant to corrosion both during exposure to external conditions.

Below is a machine of this type, additionally extended with a track chassis. Such a machine was used during the construction of modern tracks. We are proud that it is our product that contributes to the comfort and safety of millions of travellers.

High-performance dispenser is equipped as standard with a dock for 200l drums, with heating system and efficient mixer. The material intake module is equipped with an automatic lid-lifting system including accessories, which enables a trouble-free and fast keg change. The device is equipped with necessary sensors and optionally with a number of additional technical solutions, all in order to provide full and stable control over the dispensing process.


Basic parameters

Mixture dispensing capacity From 1 L/min. to 10 L/min.
Components from 1 to 2 components
Dispensing possibility to dispense all ingredients at the same time with programmed ratio
Reservoirs from 1 to 2 reservoirs
Capacity 10 L / 20 L / 40 L / 200 L
Device dimensions (L x W x H) 2000 x 1300 x 1800 mm
Weight 350 kg
Dispensing resolution 1%
Mixer cleaning function Yes
Dispensing modes Continuous or programmed doses
Programmable parameters proportion, dose rate, dispensing speed

Possible additional functionalities

  • heating the dispensed material
  • dispensing head with dynamic mixing
  • Processing of materials with a high concentration of fillers (also abrasive)
  • pneumatic reservoirs lid lifting system
  • Freestanding external mixing module for standard commercial tanks, e.g. 200L drums
  • automatic refuelling system for working reservoirs
  • material circulation system
RBX 4 MIXER - High performance dispensing

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RBX 4 MIXER - High performance dispensing

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