RBX P MIXER - Piston dispenser


Piston dispenser

It is a dispenser operating in a piston system, whose task is to dispense two-component adhesive in repeated doses. Such a solution is used for materials containing particles/components that cannot be pumped with gear pumps, e.g. due to physical and chemical requirements.

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Basic parameters

Mixture dispensing capacity to 200 mL/min.
Components from 1 to 2 components
Dispensing possibility to dispense all ingredients at the same time with programmed ratio
Reservoirs from 1 to 2 reservoirs
Tank capacity to 20 L / 200 L
Device dimensions (L x W x H) 1200 x 1050 x 1700 mm
Weight 320 kg
Dispensing resolution 1%
Mixer cleaning function Yes
Dispensing modes Continuous or programmed doses
Programmable parameters ratio, dose volume, dispensing speed and other useful parameters
Communication Control of operating parameters and reading of process data via Modbus o/TCP

Application of the RBX P MIXER

Process description

The piston dispensing system is used to transfer materials that in our case we classify as unsuitable for pumping with gear pumps, mostly materials with very high or low viscosity. The dispensing section is built of two separate modules, configured according to individual user requirements. The operation of the entire system is based on suction and discharge of the medium in one cycle of the actuator. When the actuator retracts, the material is suctioned into the cylinder, while when the actuator is pushed out, the material is pumped into the mixing head. The actuator position sensors used enable process control to ensure high dispensing accuracy.

RBX P MIXER - Piston dispenser

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RBX P MIXER - Piston dispenser

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