Automation of technological processes

Advanced dispensing technology

Industrial robots are used wherever a process requires high precision not only in dosing or maintaining specific physical conditions for the dosed substance, but above all when pouring the resin along a pre-programmed, precisely defined path.

The robot structure is a solution designed and developed for years by APCom.

Our machines are used in many industries. The technology used is based on the highest quality electronic components, tested in many implementations, which guarantee high reliability.

Offered machines are fully proprietary products strictly designed for the production process in which they are to participate, taking into account the properties of the chemical substances on which they are to work.

The project is created on the basis of customer input data, raw material data sheets and finally tests performed on the target material in our laboratory. Only such approach guarantees meeting the expectations and, what is important, maintaining the parameters of the dispensed mixture in accordance with the manufacturer’s assumptions.

It is worth noting that each device leaving our production line is thoroughly tested on the target raw material. Our customers can be sure that our product will be included in their production process according to the schedule without any delays.

Despite the individual approach to each project, the modular design allows for reconstruction or expansion according to customer preferences at almost any time.

Basic parameters

Device dimensions (L x W x H) 1000 x 1000 x 1600 mm
Working area 600 x 500 x 175mm
Approximate weight 250 kg
Drives Servo drives on all axes for high dynamics and precise positioning
Software Dedicated software optimized for dosing applications
Interface user interface in Polish
Inspection Optical inspection of products after the process
Sensors Sensor for precise measurement of working tip position - to compensate for inaccuracies in replaceable consumables
Material supply external module for picking up material from suppliers reservoirs
Workspace enclosed workspace to protect the operator and allow connection of dedicated ventilation
Ventilation vapour absorption system

Process automation – APCom robots

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