Zaawansowany dozownik żywic wyposażony w zbiornik ramię oraz wieże sygnalizacyjną

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Precise dispensing

Dispensing robots

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Precise dispensing

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Selective soldering

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Precise dispensing

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Only such a solution ensures efficiency, compliance of component parameters with safety data sheets, trouble-free and comfortable operation without unnecessary downtime, efficient use of raw materials and, importantly, real technical support and service.

Technology laboratory

We have the capability to perform preliminary process trials and tests on our equipment. In the course of these measurements, we determine the properties of the potential machine and the process parameters.

Dispensing machine service

As part of the service we offer immediate telephone support. If it is not possible to run the equipment remotely, mobile service is available at the place of use.

Devices manufactured by APCom are specialist devices designed and built according to specific technological requirements of the production process, taking into consideration the specificity of chemical substances used in the process.

All components are individually selected and, if necessary, designed and manufactured from scratch.

Many factors are taken into account, calculations are made and specific, durable components are selected only thanks to many years of experience.

Precise dispensing

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