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We manufacture single and multi-component dispensing systems for liquid and semi-liquid materials for the following applications:

The production of each APCom machine begins with the development of an individual design, closely tailored to the requirements of the production process and the substance to be dispensed. The project is created on the basis of customer input data, interview with the customer and tests carried out on the target material in internal laboratory.

Only such approach guarantees meeting the requirements of the production process and what is important keeping parameters of dispensed material in accordance with its safety data sheet.

Depending on their application, the machines can be equipped with a number of specialized technical solutions such as mixing systems, circulation, degassing, heating, etc. The machines are equipped with the necessary sensors to maintain full control over the dispensing process.

Each machine leaving our production line is thoroughly tested on the target raw material. Our customers can therefore be sure that the product will be integrated into their production process on schedule without any delays.

It is worth mentioning that many years of APCom’s research activity is not only focused on machine performance aspects, but also on optimization, including optimization of machine running costs, where we significantly stand out from foreign competitors.

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