Soldering robots

Selective soldering

The automated selective soldering station consists of our robot equipped with a soldering kit. Such a station is used in the electrical/electronic industry for precise and repeatable soldering of THD components or electro-terminals.

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Selective soldering eliminates the basic disadvantages of manual soldering such as:

  • lack of process repeatability
  • errors due to fatigue
  • low productivity

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of this process, we can offer to implement this process with our equipment.


Process description

During the soldering process the controller controls and adjusts, in accordance with the technological program, the temperature, the length of the soldering cycle and the amount of solder, which is fed automatically.

The robot precisely positions itself over the soldering points and performs the soldering process for each point, taking into account the previously established (programmed) parameters. Additionally, the set can be equipped with a system responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the tip, nitrogen station, camera, etc.

Basic Functionality:

  • 4 axis robot
  • Tiltable head
  • Servo drives on all axes for high precision positioning
  • Cleaning module responsible for the cleanliness of the tip during operation.
  • Vapour absorption system
  • Conveyors, automatic feeding of components to be soldered, etc.
  • Nitrogen preparation station
  • and other solutions according to process requirements.
Lutowanie selektywne głowica wraz ze sterownikiem PLC

A robot is not always necessary in this type of process. Sometimes much simpler solutions will suffice. In these situations, we can offer a basic soldering kit without a robot, which includes:

  • soldering head with hot tip
  • wire feeder
  • PLC
  • soldering head holder
  • cleaning module

Robot RBX H gallery


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