Round Mixer MS13-24

Round mixer, high pressure 13mm x 24 pcs.

The MS13-24 static mixer is used to dispense substances using a dosing device. It is attached to the device with a mixer nut (UM10-PP). This plastic nozzle has spatulas made of polyoxymethylene (POM) inside so that it can withstand high machine pressures. At extremely high pressures, a mixer cover made of steel can additionally be applied to such a mixer. The mixer is placed inside such a cover, so it is protected from damage.

It doses such materials as epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, acrylic resins and many other sealants and adhesives.

Such mixers are mainly used in the following industries: electronics, automotive, aviation, communications and many others.

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Additional information

Liczba elementów


Średnica (mm)


Długość (mm)


Kolor elementu mieszalnika


Materiał elementu mieszalnika

POM (polyoxymethylene)

Materiał obudowy

PP (polypropylene)



Sposób mocowania


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